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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping requires a significant amount of time and effort, whether your company is small or large.

RightCFO helps you in strengthening the performance of your business by providing high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services that help in keeping a regular record of business finances, invoicing clients, generating and analyzing financial reports, etc.

Our service offers your company a competitive advantage by reducing overhead, improving the invoicing process, and increasing productivity by relieving you of the burden of handling these processes yourself.


Compliance with different domestic and international regulations and industry standards is difficult in today's dynamic business ecosystem.

In this scenario, continuing with the same approach as earlier is not a viable option.

RightCFO's tax and compliance professionals understand the dynamic needs of businesses and can assist businesses in maintaining and reporting regulatory compliance procedures while also generating audit-ready business reports.

By outsourcing your compliance-related procedures, you will be able to stay ahead of regulatory needs while still driving corporate growth in a cost-effective approach


Payroll is a key operation that determines a business's employees' take-home pay. Payroll management becomes an even greater necessity as business grows.

Due to the high sensitivity and confidentiality of this process, it requires continuous and effective monitoring. The payroll management team at Right CFO assists you in structuring, designing, and optimizing your payroll process while also adhering to the applicable labour welfare laws of the country from which you operate.

Through this, you minimize the chances of missed deadlines, errors and delayed payroll tax filings, also guaranteeing compliance to the latest laws.

Virtual CFO

As an entrepreneur managing a thriving business, you need a capable partner to oversee the accounting and financial procedures and address any challenges that arise.

The availability of adequate resources can imply the difference between success and failure.

At Right CFO, we help entrepreneurs concentrate on other elements of their businesses while the strategic CFO ensures that economic aspects and compliances are in place throughout the year.

Through our competent back-end team, you can easily manage, enhance and streamline your business projects as well as uncover any inefficiencies and cost-saving potential.

Why Us?

Right CFO, your financial information partner

  • RightCFO offers accounting and financial solutions to various enterprises in India and abroad
  • With the expertise to assist start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises, our team's collective experience and expertise and their usage of cutting-edge technology and applications help us keep the client’s business abreast
  • Our team takes pride in creating business solutions by analyzing your business goals, focusing on outcomes, and adhering to stringent deadlines while maintaining accuracy
  • We engage as strategic partners to complement and strengthen the client’s business by working closely on their business & economic activities
  • Our team’s focus on meeting time-bound schedules, regulatory compliances, and your business objectives make us stand apart from the rest
  • Our adaptable work model is tailored to the size and needs of a business, making it both feasible and effective




Years of Experience


Types of Business Enabling Services

Right CFO Approach

RightCFO makes you optimize your time for business development by its seamless and time bound, effective and correct accounting solutions.


Due Diligence

A methodical approach to determine the client’s accounting and compliance needs.



A creative brainstorming session to plan an effective value proposition.



An optimum mix of solutions to fulfill the requirements of the client.



A collaborative approach with the client's team to ensure optimal service delivery.