CFO as a service

About Us

RightCFO is a dynamic team of young, experienced & skilled accounting, tax and finance professionals. With our diverse experience, we understand clients' accounting and compliance requirements and provide appropriate advice. The business performance is only captured in figures in order to portray it appropriately and in a better manner. RightCFO is a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner for every business operating in a competitive market.

RightCFO’s Client Business Diversity

RightCFO has gained significant knowledge in offering valuable services to clients from diverse industries. This expertise has enabled us to offer diverse services based on each client's specific needs.

Information technology/information technology enabled services is an unending list of business activities, including software development services & products, artificial intelligence, banking, finance, insurance, consulting, logistics, education, data analytics, and more.

RightCFO offers a bouquet of services for this business category, including regulatory compliance, management reports, taxation, accounting, invoicing, payroll, international transactions, and funds flow management.

Under the manufacturing business category, RightCFO’s clients include pharma, electronics, and engineering businesses. Capturing the data related to production, sales, and inventory in time and accurately occupies a prominent role in accounting for these industries.

RightCFO has the expertise and experience to offer accounting, tax, and compliance services to manufacturing businesses of any size.

Real estate is a business category that includes real estate buy-and-sell transactions, commercial & residential plot development/constructions, rental & leasing activities, and agricultural & farmlands development and management, among its many activities.

For businesses operating in this category, RightCFO offers services like accounting, tax, guidance on structuring accounting methods, and more.

Contractors, consultants, service providers, suppliers, not-for-profit organisations, societies, and trusts are among the other business categories served by RightCFO, and they cover a wide range of areas, domains, and specialities.

RightCFO offers all accounting, tax, invoicing, and payroll services required by these businesses.

Who We Are

We are a client-focused accounting and compliance services organisation that provides CFO services. Accounting, invoicing, payroll, tax, financial statements, and business consulting are among our primary services.

We provide dynamic solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries; responsiveness, specialized focus, quality, and timeliness are some of our differentiating traits.


To be the preferred solution for businesses of all sizes aiming to boost their accounting and compliance governance.


We are committed to simplifying complex accounting and compliance issues and establishing concepts that pave the way for new avenues of business growth.


Right CFO was intended to fulfill the accounting and compliance process requirements of businesses of all sizes that experience complex challenges.